Now watch me whip…

I was video taping Jake the other day because he was giving me slim-shady eye.  He would look at me, then if I was looking at me, he’d dart his eye away (keep in mind he can only look at me with one eye at a time).  So I started recording him.  There is about 10 seconds of his shady eye movement and then a liquid burp (keep it sexy Jake) and then he does a few moves that I am pretty sure are…

Now watch me whip…now watch me superman.  Then more eye darting.  Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Now watch me whip…

  1. Even funnier than I imagined! The Superman… spot on. He could give Silento a run for his money! (And I consider myself pretty darn hip for knowing Silento’s name in the first place. Ha!)

    • Thank you!!! (PS. your blog will not let me post comments. I read and try to comment every time, I am not sure why. I think it’s because i try to use my WP login but it wants me to use Google. I will figure it out!).

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