What’s happening?

There are always moments with our dogs (or cats) where we say ‘what in the world are you doing, you goofball?’.  And although we don’t really expect an answer, we ask it out loud anyway.  Probably to communicate to others that yes, we are in fact crazy and crazy people talk out loud to their pets.

But there are some moments with Jake, where I ask that and I really need to know.  Bud, what’s happening?

I came out of the office yesterday to find him like this. He’d left the office about 30 minutes prior so I guess he got five steps away and thought, too far, must rest. But why not lay down?IMG_5694

And he sat at the door, a door he never goes out of, staring at the closed blinds for 20 min.  I have been saying all along that I question if he has any vision in his bionic eye but perhaps his vision is now so spectacular that he can see through wood. IMG_5691

And this one from a few weeks ago.  Staring out the door, to the lovely landscape of the wall. IMG_5469

Pretty sure he expects me to rename this blog, Oh Jake! And in case anyone is worried, Jake sees a neurologist regularly for his spine from hell.  So from what we can tell, this is just Jake.


4 thoughts on “What’s happening?

  1. We have one that regularly runs into walls on purpose, we joke that she’s not happy unless she has a concussion, but it might not be a joke. We’ve had her checked out by the vet because we think it’s weird, but she REALLY likes to press her head against you (and waits for kisses) if you ignore her she just sits there with her head pressed against your face.

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