Melvin’s Project Joy: Giveaway Four!

Time for more giving!

As a reminder, each month, we will do a giveaway that celebrates the unique nature of our furry friends. There will be monthly categories, so if you have a dog that falls into that one, you can nominate them to win. If your dog does not fit into this month’s category, do not fret, we have a pretty all-encompassing list for the entire year – we eventually got you covered!

This month, let’s celebrate: Dog’s who are hearing impaired. This could be fully deaf, deaf in one ear, missing an ear or ears (hopefully this does not exist outside of birth defects) and dogs with conditions that have them on the road to being deaf.

Here is how it works…

This goes beyond just a giveaway (but yes, there is of course some loot!). Our goal is to remind each other that we are all in this crazy life together. That through these giveaways, we can all bring empathy into play. As you share stories of your hearing impaired dogs, read the stories of others. You may nod, and realize you are not alone. You can message others and share your experiences and advice. Friendships will form. Support can be shared. Joy will be spread!

Share your hearing impaired dog (your dog’s name, a photo. and the story about their hearing) on either our Facebook page containing this post, on Sirius Republic’s Facebook page when they share this post. If you are not of the Facebook world, you can email your info to No matter how you submit your info, you will be entered to win.


We will pick one female and one male winner at the end of October!

Next month, it will be a new category!


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  1. I quickly scanned your post on my little phone and read it as “hearding” impared. Ha, ha. My dog has selective hearing but as a border collie she’s definitely hearding impared.

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