Living thermostat.

Jake has a very sensitive temperature gauge.

Anything over 75 and he’s too hot. Seriously, just standing outside in weather above 75 and he can’t take it.  He has to wear a Kool-Collar WHILE HE IS RIDING IN HIS STROLLER.  Riding. Not walking.  He needs an ice filled collar to sit.

Anything below 70 and his eyes bug out and he starts shivering.  He will not step paw into grass if it’s under 70 outside, I guess he fears frostbite.

True story:  if it is above 75 or below 70, I have to PUSH him out the door.  Otherwise he tries to pee on the door jamb area and come back in.

This week it ‘dipped’ down to 68.  I love 68.  I believe 68 means open the windows and dance around.  Jake needed a sweatshirt, a blanket and the fireplace on.


3 thoughts on “Living thermostat.

  1. I love the cooler weather. Baxter sleeps under the covers which is better than having all 70 pounds of him on top of them.

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