Costume Torture.

I don’t love Halloween.  Adults in costume make me uneasy. This started in the womb, I was due on Halloween and waited several days to come out.  Even then, I knew.

As an adult, I have come to like the kid part.  Kids can put on costumes and come to my house and I will pour candy into their bags.  And if they are my kids, with four legs, well you better believe costumes are a-comin.

Here is a little timeline of the torture the dogs have endured over the years.

Sid Melvin Vicious. photo[1] IMG_2819 IMG_2839

The King of my heart.11 4 13f Jersey Jake Snooki.10 30 13a 11 4 13c

Mr. T and The Fool. IMG_0835 IMG_0824

And this year, I give you…Cannibal Jake!  A frog-dog who eats frogs!  He lives it, so why not be it.

IMG_6128 IMG_6125 IMG_6124


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  1. At first I cried, seeing Melvin in his costumes but then I seen Jake and I had to laugh. I absolute love the frog costume it’s perfect! I just love Jakes face. I would love to give him kisses and scratch his ears. Thank you for sharing

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