I got you babe.

Today is Jake’s gotcha day!  Three years ago, the little noise maker joined the family and life was never the same!

Jakie, I don’t for one minute pretend to know what or how you think.  I have never had a dog that I know so little about their thought process.  I’ve tried to unlock the mystery of your brain but you are too complex to decode.  So instead, I have just accepted all things you.

You are my little comedian, my giant-tiny dog. You are so patiently impatient. It’s funny to look back on photos of you and not see a diaper or see you out on a walk, what a ride these three years have been. You have overcome and preserved through more physical challenges than I can even count.  You are my little engine that could. I know that life has been a bit unfair to you, but you embrace our motto of ‘it is what it is’ so very well.

When you and Melvin became the dynamic duo, I never really gave a thought to either one of you experiencing the loss of the other.  I think that you had it harder than Melvin would have had it, not because he didn’t love you, but because he had an exuberance gene that guided him.  You are a little more…dark. You had a tough time this year and you and I have bonded over shared heartbreak.  My love for you has grown, not because Melvin is gone, but because you were you through it all.  Vulnerable, sweet you.

Now…if we can harness that delightful side of you with other dogs, that’d be great! This year, we need to add to our family.  Work with me bud!

I’m not sure what the next three years will bring, but I do know that we’ll rock it together.

I love you little chicken.


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10 thoughts on “I got you babe.

  1. That face. That butt. He’s a doll and he rocks everything. Even crochet. And crochet is hard to pull off. I love that little dude.

  2. Upon reflection, I would say life hasn’t been unfair to him at all. In fact, he is so incredibly lucky that his path lead him to you and Melvin and that he has learned about love and acceptance in a way that not a lot of families would have been able or willing to teach him. Happy Three Years of Love to you both.

  3. I just love seeing the pictures! Jake you are such a great baby! Momma you are so lucky to have this special little boy! He is the cutest! Happy gotcha day bud!

  4. Happy (very belated) Gotcha Day, gorgeous! Maybe in some ways life hasn’t been fair, but he sure hit the jackpot when he became a member of your loving family! What a beautiful life he’s had with more beauty and love and joy to come!

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