The update on wonkalicious.

Jake has been normal wonky legs for some time now.  We got the news about his complicated spine two years ago, and ever since we have been on a steady decline.  A slow, steady decline.  Sure, there are good days and not-so-great days but all in all, he has remained mostly upright (in his drunk uncle sort of way).  Two years ago we were at 25% bad, 75% good and lately we’ve been at about 70% very wonky and 30% less wonky.  I’m very scientific.

There have been no blips, no ‘flare-ups’, just steady decline. Until yesterday morning.

Jake went to bed (as normal as he could be) on Monday.  I did find it odd to wake up at 7am and Jake had not pooped during the night, but that happens every now and then.  I did my normal get-up stuff and went to get Jake out of his condo.  He had not gotten out of bed yet, usually he greets me at the gate. When he came to me, it was only on two legs.  I thought it was odd but like I said, Jake is usually at the gate when I get over there so maybe this normal? He had a look in his eye that said otherwise.  After opening the gate it was clear, Jake was only able to drag his hind legs.  He had no control over them at all.

He and I remained pretty F’ing calm. He rocked the dragging and I carried him downstairs and outside, got his diaper on, got him fed (I had to hold him up so he could eat) and then I invaded his butthole got him to poop.

Then I made four calls and three texts to Jake’s village.

The medical contacts agreed, he would not become fully paralyzed overnight.  That part should remain gradual, so something else must be happening. We set up a Friday appointment to see the neuro (they wanted him to come to their far away office yesterday but I just couldn’t put Jake through such a long trip and they agreed that Friday was OK since our second plan was to have our Holistic/therapy vet come see him that afternoon).

Dr. Krisi does electro-acupuncture and laser therapy on Jake every three weeks.  He was due a visit from her on Wed so we just moved it up a day.  By the time she arrived at 3:30, Jake had shown some improvement.  He was still dragging but I could tell he had some control over his legs.  She did the therapy, did an exam and decided we should see our regular vet to rule out other things before we rule in new spinal issues.

Jake went to bed last night and woke up with little leg strength today.  Not a ton but it was good to know that it was at least coming and going.  We had x-rays done that were inconclusive and by the time our vet visit was over, he had no hind leg control again. Also, they could not rule out stroke.

So currently he has no leg strength but after resting up, I’m hoping we see the same improvement that we saw overnight.  Something new is definitely going on and clearly it’s not great.  There is probably a MRI and spinal tap in Jake’s immediate future.  This will be his 2nd MRI and spinal tap, and my third to pay for (Melvin had one too!). I don’t think I would do the MRI if it was just to gauge progression.  I mean Jake’s story on progression is written, he will be paralyzed in the hind legs ONE day.  End of story.  But if he has something new, like an infection or cancer, well that I would want to know.

So I will keep you posted!  He’s in GREAT hands!  Thanks for all the well wishes, we love you!

10 thoughts on “The update on wonkalicious.

  1. Thank you for the update! I have been worried about Jake! I will continue to pray for him and as always you are both in my thoughts! Love to Jake and momma both! I’ll be watching for updates.

  2. Yes, thank you for keeping us posted. I was thinking about you and Jake last night, hoping that things were improving. Sending prayers and, as always, I am amazed at the wonderful outlook and positive focus you bring to all of this!

    • Thank you, Wendy! This is a little overwhelming, mostly because I want him to be confident and a slow decline followed by a sudden drop like this has him a little thrown. But all in all, this is good practice for us. This is his future.

  3. My heart, prayers, thoughts and positive vibes are with you and your precious baby boy <3 <3 Thank you for keeping us updated (I love to read your blogs and really hope this is only a hiccup)

  4. I’m so sorry about Jake’s hind legs. I hope you get a definitive answer from your veterinarian. When Sophie’s back legs got progressively weaker I remember the veterinarian asking if her downturn was “gradual and slow” or more like a “step” meaning there was a rapid burst of decline. I’m not sure what that information meant to the vet, but maybe that’s what you are seeing in Jake… a big step of change and then it will stop for a while. I hope you get to the bottom of this current problem. My thoughts are with both of you.

    • Thank you, Sharon! I have been using your site as a guide today, for some solutions! The neuro does not feel he should have declined so suddenly, so I”m hoping it’s addressable.

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