The wonky report.

In yesterday’s post I said that the update on Jake’s mobility didn’t matter since he had cancer.  And that was obviously the rantings of a crazy person. Of course it matters.

Two years ago, when we had his first MRI done, there were a plethora of spinal issues they saw.  No one issue independently could have been causing his troubles at the time but the collection of them all certainly could be making him wonky.

On this MRI, it was very clear what has been causing his issues (over the past two years and his sudden paralysis that started last week).  I won’t give you the neurologist speak, I’ll just give you the Tracey version. On the first MRI, there was an area of concern in his spinal cord.  It appeared to be some scar tissue (we ruled out infection and cancer back then).  On this MRI, that same area was much  more defined and it was clear as to what was going on with Jake.  There are two areas, on each side of his spine that are compressed. This compression creates a situation where spinal fluid does not flow freely or smoothly.  At the time of this most recent MRI, there was a pretty defined area where you could see his spinal cord being ‘pinched’, which would explain his sudden decline last week.  But the good news is that the compression could/should wax and wane.  So he will have good days and new types of bad days (days with no use of his hind legs) and eventually, as we already knew, he will go paralyzed. The condition is not painful (yay!) and it’s not something we could have avoided, he was born to be wonky.

The great news, yes there is GREAT news, is that the little dude is moving his hind legs again!  He is slowly getting back to upright and you can just see the joy in his face!

Jake is the living version of the little engine that could!  Today, if you are struggling with something, pull a a Jake and kick that issue in the ass (unless it is your boss, or your child, or let’s go with any living creature – do not kick them in the ass)!

Here are some photos from our appointment…

We do not travel light.  Stroller in the back, co-pilot in the middle.IMG_7283


Jake in an elevator! IMG_7291


The welcome sign, that I smudged with Jake’s diaper bag. IMG_7298


Jake in the waiting room, wondering why I ‘forgot’ to feed him. IMG_7296


And finally, Jake learning to eat sitting down!  Wooohooooo!!! IMG_7307

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  1. We all need someone like you in our lives. Your positive energy is contagious! A quick reminder to each of us to see the GOOD around us. Thank you for sharing your story and sharing Jake with us (and Melvin). And Yay for Jake being a fighter… He must learn that from his mama

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