He’s upright again!

I don’t post videos of Jake too much.  I have found that when I do it makes people feel bad, because he seems to struggle so much.  But the reality is that he is his own form of OK.  He is normal, for Jake.  But going from not being able to use his hind legs to having use of them, seems like a good time for me to show how amazing my little man is.  We went out back, on damp grass (no chafing or scraping on damp grass!) and he just…had the best time!

I give you, getting back to his normal self, Jake! The sideway shuffle is new but I like it, it makes him seem jazzy.



14 thoughts on “He’s upright again!

  1. What a guy! Love the waddle too. My little Phoebe tried to walk without her wheelchair the other day and I was amazed. So was she. Keep up the good work big guy. Snuffles, Sandy

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