Great bad news.

I was starting to worry that we had not heard from the oncologist because it was terrible news.  As it turns out, it was really good bad news.

Jake’s cancer has not ‘officially’ metastasized.  There were some lymph nodes that could be questionable early metastasis but there were no obvious tumors in his lungs or abdomen (aside from what we already knew).

His treatment plan is a three day regimen of intense radiation (this plan is a little less radiation than the 15-20 day option but far more radiation that the palliative approach).  Then Jake will be done with treatment and he will just live a life of joy until it’s time to go be with Melvin.  We expect him to have about six months.  There are no guarantees so while it could be shorter, it could always be longer too.  I’m glad his treatment will be quick so that we can get going on the joyful part.

To make it slightly more challenging, the telling sign that his cancer is winning the war will be increased hind leg weakness. Funny,  right? That is something that will already be on the decline due his spine issues. Way to keep me on my toes Jake!

I know that Jake will let me know when it’s time. For now, I’m grateful we have options, I’m so happy we can have a little more time together.  His next six months will be packed with sweetness and love. This is so much more than others get; we will take it with gratitude and won’t waste a single minute of it.

Have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Great bad news.

  1. I am so happy that Jake gets to spend some more time with you in his meatball making, diaper wearing, wobbly leg bliss. Let these be the best months of his life! The C-word diagnosis still sucks, but I know that you both will make this time count, just like you did with Melvin!!! Sending happy thoughts from Portland!!

  2. Glad to learn of the positive update and we send our many, many hugs to you and Jake from San Francisco. We lost our rescue Frenchie Bella to an aggressive cancer and miss her every day. The thought of Jake’s reunion with Melvin makes me smile. I look forward to reading about (and seeing pics of) Jake’s shenanigans, demand for treats, & royal treatment these next few months! I’ll tell Bella to keep an eye out for Jake when the time comes. Rebecca & Sir Humphries.

    • You know how misery DOES love company but you never ever want anyone to know misery? This community of ours provides an empathy that heals. Thank you for that. I’m glad Jake will have Melvin and Bella to kick it with!

  3. As bad news goes, this was good. I’m glad you have the weekend to breath and snuggle your boy and not worry about not knowing. You’re both still in my thoughts and I know that Melvin is watching over you two.

  4. Many good thoughts and prayers for
    you and Jake on this leg of the journey. I know you will make sure he has everything he needs and deserves.
    I look forward to more stories of Jake being Jake. When the time comes, Melvin will be there to greet Jake at the Bridge and what a reunion that will be!!

  5. That’s the best, worst news ever! We never know when our babies will leave us and around here, we just make sure every day is the BEST DAY ever. Looking forward to hearing about your continued adventures Jake (if ya want to sleep naked in yoru bed – go for it!) and sending love and good vibes from Britis Columbia, Canada.

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