Melvin’s urn.

Who in the world wants to type the title of this blog post with their dog’s name before ‘urn’? No one, that’s who. I personally do not want to pick a casket or an urn for any loved one.  Also, I pretty much refuse to say urn or casket and almost always go with ‘container’ which also confuses people but it just feels gentler. But ‘Melvin’s container’ might have left some of you wondering if you should read this or not.  I guess to be fair, you still may feel that way!

When it comes to pets and cremation, I have not found there to be (although to be honest I have never asked) a choice of container.  Sure, there are tons of options online, but I think each crematory probably delivers everyones ashes back in their standard container and if you don’t like it, you might search for a different one.

Ok, now that I have gotten that out of the way (and it was sorta necessary for this post) maybe we can shake of the chills that the word ‘crematory’ brings.

Melvin’s ashes came to me in a wooden box.  It was a fine wooden box.  I mean, there is nothing wrong with it, but to be honest, there is nothing right about it either.  I think that would probably go for whatever container they put his ashes in at first.  Since my plan does not involve scattering his ashes, over the past year I have looked at (and yes talked to) that wooden box and always, every time, felt…I need to find a different container.


Then I recalled a container idea I had seen a while ago.  When I had first seen the idea I thought it was brilliant but at that point I thought Melvin had such a long life ahead of him that I would surely forget it.  Not the case, but still a win.

Melvin loved Kongs.  LOVED.  Kongs were a part of his every day.   This is a snapshot of our collection from a few years back.


I had gotten both him and Jake a Kong wobbler (only to have them destroy drywall when they were flinging them around the house) so I quickly took them away and put them in a cabinet.  It’s funny looking back.  At that moment when I took them away, I knew with certainty that I was never letting them play with them again (seriously, I had to have drywall replaced!) but yet I saved them. Sigh.

And from this…

kong 6

Became this…Melvin’s ashes are now inside it.


For the first time, his container feels as right as possible.  What I love most about it, is that Kong Wobbler was dinged, and scratched and all Melvin’d up.  Just the way I like it.

I did have to transfer his ashes out of the original box AND the velvet pouch they came in, into one of my socks (the pouch was way too bulky).  This didn’t really cause me too much anxiety except I did reach in to make sure the ashes were in plastic inside the velvet pouch (they were, whew!).  I stared at the ashes for a bit, reminding myself they were no longer the all of Melvin, just a tiny piece of him left behind. I transferred them to the sock and as I was fitting the pouch into the Kong (a feat way easier said than done) I kept saying ‘just squeeze in a little more bud, I almost have it closed’.

Crazy, party of one!

16 thoughts on “Melvin’s urn.

  1. I think this is perfect, and you’re definitely not crazy! I had a cat that a neighbor of mine gave to me, and he was the SWEETEST thing. However, he died only a couple months after I got him from a UTI. It’s been a couple years now since his passing, and I still feel incredibly guilty that I had nowhere to bury him, nowhere to keep him close after that. I tear up every time I think about him and our last moments together.

  2. I love this. Last year my dad passed away and when we were spreading his ashes I finally decided it was time to let my childhood dog go too. So they’re together. I wish I had been this creative, but I don’t feel any regrets about my dad and him being together.

  3. Aww it’s perfect! I’ve never thought of it and I have 5 containers. My will states that when I’m cremated all the containers will join me in a larger container and we will all be left to join in my favorite place -the Chesapeake. You will all know when that happens because the EPA will probably announce a “no swimming -no boating” warning due to an unknown substance in the bay.

    • That is what my will states (minus the location)! I will think of your plan and laugh every time I see a ‘keep the bay clean’ campaign! Love it!

  4. I love that, it’s so fitting. We are lucky (?) to have some nice options with a company around here. We had our little foster puppy, Joy, cremated and Asia keeps her ashes near a plaque made for Sugar.

  5. Oh my gosh, this is just the most perfect thing ever!!

    I have the ashes of my 3 that are gone in their individual bags, together in a large decorative ceramic canister type jar. That way they aren’t alone. The jar is on a built-in in the kitchen, their favorite room in the house!

  6. And that is one of the many reasons why I adore you. How perfect! So, forgive me, but morbid for a moment: So, earlier last year, before Lukey’s diagnosis even, John’s dad died. They sent this horrible black plastic box. John couldn’t find anything he wanted, so we put him in our closet (honestly, I was terrified Newt would get into it…). When Lucas came back to us, he was in a metal tin covered in purple and red flowers, and we put him on the shelf next to John’s dad. Unacceptable. But, literally just today, I ordered one for Lucas that I love. (Now to find one for John’s dad…)

    • Love means urn shopping! If not for the Kong idea, I had looked on etsy and they had a couple (for human or pet) that were pretty ok. Maybe try there for dad? Looking forward to seeing what you found for Lucas. Purple and red flowers will be hard to beat!

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