Jake snuggles now.

Up until about a month ago, the only one who was ever successful at snuggling with Jake regularly daily hourly constantly was Melvin. Jake would snuggle with me if Melvin was snuggling with me, also known as jealous snuggling (he was jealous that Melvin was snuggling someone else).  He would snuggle if I constantly petted him.  If I stopped, say to itch my nose or reach for my drink, he was gone. There was never a single time I didn’t feel like I was holding him hostage.

The day we found out about his cancer I got down on the floor with him laid next to him.  I didn’t do anything but lay there, eventually he laid down too. WAIT, WHAT WAS HAPPENING? So I continued to just get on the floor with him, both of us just chilling out.

Then I inched closer for a few times, he was…calm.  I sorta kicked myself for not TRAINING him to snuggle sooner.  Now…he and I snuggle.  I wrap my arms around him, we nap, he rolls back…into me. I don’t know why it has happened, if he sensed I needed it or if he just got tired of fighting it, but my little dude snuggles now!  Maybe he pretends like I’m Melvin.  I am fine with that too.

Zero pictures of this phenomenon.  But its pretty friggen awesome.

Here are some photos of him being adorable.

The laying down ‘superman’IMG_7652

“Who is that sexy beast in the photo?”IMG_7963

Gaurd dog. IMG_7971

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Jake snuggles now.

  1. The laying down superman photo cracked me up! Harper Lee, alas, is not a snuggler. She’s more of an in-your-general-space girl: she wants to be near but not touching. Tallulah is quite the opposite . . . all 60 pounds of puppy . . . and I have the bruises to prove it. Happy to see that Jake has come around to the joys of snuggling with mom.

  2. Please don’t stop blogging. I found you through Oh My Dog, which I found when my dog was diagnosed with hemangio 10 weeks ago. I’ve been sharing the ups and downs of my journey through Facebook because I am not coherent enough to blog about it. Blogs like yours give me strange comfort, and I suspect many others feel the same. On behalf of my Miss Molly, who is still hanging in there, thank you!

    • Oh, Molly’s mom… just reading this made me lose my breath and tear up. I’m sorry. I am coming up on a year of not having Melvin and I still don’t understand the shock of that cancer. Hopefully you found my posts from last March and April where like you, I made sure everyone knew just how crazy hemangio is. If you ever want to chat, I can give you my phone number. And if you want to connect on FB, you can friend me at Tracey Holupka. Jake and I will be praying for you and Miss Molly! Sending much love to you both.

      • I will look for you on Facebook (as Kristen Jacosbon)! My journey with Molly is being chronicled there. I did indeed read your entire blog and it was comforting, and funny, and sad. I also realized I put this comment on the wrong post. 😉 It was meant to go on your anniversary post, of course! Happy anniversary!

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