Memorial Day Weekend.

On Sunday, Jake and I went over to my parents house for a day of relaxation and pool.  I put Jake into the car at 10:15 and he was up ALL DAY. All day.  Jake is never up all day! But this is how it is at my parents house.  They don’t have a dog so there is food that falls on the floor that no one notices and Jake  swims on the hardwood floors to find it ALL (Melvin taught him well). Add to it that my niece Maddy was there also, and well all these things make my parents house Jake’s favorite place on earth.

While we were at the pool, Jake stayed inside the temperature controlled pool house (such a rough and tortured life). Maddy caught a frog and recalled that Jake loves hunting frogs so we let him hunt it (through the glass) (He was not fooled by the glass but he did try to take one bite!).  I immediately added this to his bucket list and then immediately checked it off. Photo and video below:


Instead of frogs, he ate a kong full of hot dog (his eyes rolled back into his head). Then it was time to go, I put Jake in the car to go home, and he was passed out before we even got out of the neighborhood.  And on Monday, he got up to eat breakfast and then slept all day.


Jake having a great weekend – check, check!


4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend.

  1. Tracey, you have made my week! Im so happy that Jake enjoyed his weekend! He looks so happy in the pictures! What great memories you are making with such an amazing lil man! I love you Jakie! God bless you!

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