There are no words to thank everyone who has reached out, sent messages, sent cards, sent flowers and gifts and held space for us. I can only say, it means everything to me.

Several of you have made donations in Jake’s name.  I am so thankful for each and every one. Love lives on through your kind and generous gestures.

I wanted to share some of the gifts I have received…

My friend Virginia had pencil sketchings of Melvin and Jake done.  The detail is incredible.  I got Melvin’s shortly after he left me and she gave me Jake’s while he was still here but nearing the end.  I have them hanging in my kitchen, a reminder of where my heart is.



A few days after Jake died, I received a package from a reader (Michelle) that I have never met, although we have a mutual friend in common. She made this. She made this for us. Our motto, hand-done by her with love.  I sat on the floor sobbing when I got it, because I was reminded that we are so blessed to have you all.



I received this from our dear family friend, Mary. It arrived the exact moment I needed a pick-me-up.  And it lifted my heart and brought me so much joy.



My sister-in-love got me these. When I wear them, they loop together just like the boys did when there were snuggling.  The pendents rest close to my heart, right where the boys are now. IMG_9952


Jen over at Sirius Republic had a print made that has a photo of the boys  and across it is printed ‘love lives on’.  She also handmade this heart for me, it’s a visual of my heart. I squeezed it so hard, I’m shocked I didn’t damage it or myself. IMG_0004



Emily, over at Our Waldo Bungie, had this drawing done of the boys.  The first thing I thought when I saw it was -‘my superheroes’! I am going to have it framed with their Super Melvin and Super Jake collars.

IMG_0005 (1)


I got these from my friends Tayler and Melissa.  The rainbow bracelet represents my life and love with Jake and that fact that he is waiting for me, with a piece of my heart,  at the rainbow bridge.  The white bracelet represents Jake’s life and the mark our love left on my heart. The 22 white beads represent 22 dogs who were fed a meal in Jake’s memory. IMG_9987

This community and blog, this space heals me. You bring me joy. Thank you.  Yes, you, thank all of you for everything.

10 thoughts on “Thoughtfulness.

  1. I hope these totally awesome gifts help you to know just how totally awesome we think you are! Enjoy them and the memories the bring up to you. Thank you for letting us enjoy them too!

  2. I lost my bestie big girl in April she was 15 it was the hardest thing. Her life and love was such a blessing. I miss her like crazy, she us survived by me her best human, and her 2 adopted brother S and C. We are adjusting. Thanks for your blog.

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