Doug the power plant.

Doug has been here for a little over a week now. His energy could provide power to New York City. I’m exhausted! He is exuberant, mischievous and a complete love bug.

A lot of my photos of him look like this:img_0318

I’d be lying if I said he was easy. As a reminder, I went from Jake, who was paralyzed and loved to nap to Doug, whose idea of a good time is pretending like he’s a backpack (on my back) when I’m trying to sit on the couch and rest my weary bones. So some of the challenge is me and what I’m used to.

He be cray, but I love him.

He’s doing great with housebreaking, he’s only had one accident. It wasn’t really even an accident because he had already been out and he seemed pretty purposeful in his actions.  Dude does not realize that I know intentional peeing when I see it.

We have gotten our walk schedule down.  I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to get a young dog during an East Coast heat wave. For the past 10 days I have felt perpetually sweaty and my Apple watch alerts me everyday that I have met my exercise goal, by noon. His energy has been a challenge, a little due in part to the fact that I work from home and when I say work I mean I REALLY DO WORK. The challenge is, I’m here, so he wants me to play. We are slowly working out together time and independent time. We take our first walk in the morning after he eats. We take a 2nd walk around lunchtime, our 3rd walk late afternoon and our last walk after dinner. In between each walk I will take him into the backyard and play Jolly Ball or fetch with him. Sometimes he just runs zoomies on his own and I stand out there asleep with my eyes open. The rest of the day he plays in the house and even sometimes takes load off and rests.


We started back with our trainer.  I cried when I was waiting for her to arrive. She has only ever trained Jake. In fact, our first session for Doug was paid for by a left over session from Jakey. It just felt odd for her to be here and for Jake to be gone. I am coming up on two months without Jake, I still have many more of these types of moments to go through. But Doug did great on training day one and we have practiced our homework of touch and sit every day.

For the most part, Doug is a lot like Melvin. A lot. The early-years-Melvin that used to leap off the back of the couch and fly into the glass french doors (that were closed) to try to chase squirrels. I recall having to call upon a lot of patience for that Melvin, the same way I am calling upon it now for the Dougster.

Doug is young. He doesn’t know any rules, or any commands and doesn’t know what is expected of him. When I say words to him that the boys used to know, he just runs zoomies at the sound of my voice. He went from being a stray, to being in a shelter, to being in foster to me. It’s easy to get frustrated when he mouths my feet with each step that I take (trust me, I walk into the bathroom, shut the door and count to ten a lot. Sometimes I count to 50). Or to curse when he jumps on my back while I’m resting my bones on the couch (instead I take some deep breaths and I stand up and wait it out). Instead of yelling or correcting his every move, I look at a photo of Melvin and I recall our journey from wildebeest to soulful boy. From crazy to sweet. I recall what’s possible. Then I look at Doug and I know that he does what he does, out of pure joy for life. A life that I am responsible for guiding. He just has to learn to focus his joy on good, not my feet.

I still wake up and wish that Jake were here too. I wish Melvin and Jake were both here to help me guide Doug.  But they are not, so I will lead him. Doug keeps me in the here and now, the here and now where I have to stay very hydrated!






18 thoughts on “Doug the power plant.

  1. Oh my gosh, dat face!!! What a cutie pie!

    I’m glad you are starting to find your rhythm, it won’t take long for Doug to get the hang of things!

    Enjoy his joy!!

    • I actually think you and Doug are made for each other and that your sweet Melvin and Jake conspired to bring you both into each others lives. I think Dougs puppy goofiness is deliberate because e knows cos Jake and Melvin told him that you need laughter.

  2. Stating the obvious but he’s so darn cute!!!!

    The routines are good, they thrive on that. They’re also very smart and very willing to please their people but puppies, yeah….. I remember one of the first time with left Cricket with my girls (teens), came home and they simply said ‘she’s terrifying!’ 😂

    It gets better, it’s a major adjustment for both of you; lots of learning going on.

    Looking forward to more adventures with Doug…and that leg snuggling pic is awesome!

    • I thrive on routine and I know Melvin and Jake did too. He is definitely showing signs of ‘getting it’. The little victories will lead to more little victories, for both of us!

  3. Doug, you bring a smile to my face and a song to my heart! You are in good hands just do as Tracey asks if you and be a good boy! Duke is almost a year now and sometimes I wonder if he will ever just slow down for a min. Hold on Tracey I know it will get easier and soon it will he fall and maybe you won’t need to by stock in a water company. Much love and belly rubs! P.S. this is Jody

  4. I am so happy for you!!! I have followed your blog for a long time, I have laughed and cried reading it. Doug really does look like a mix between Melvin and Jake. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!

  5. He’s certainly going to keep you busy! I love bully pups!
    Keep at it, you can do it! Do you remember my previous foster dog Jack? He was a maniac too just like Doug, it took a while to get into a good rhythm with him and figure out how to wear him out. You go girl, you got this!!

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