Happy Halloween!

Melvin never really took to costumes and for me that was fine.  I am one of the few people that never really enjoyed Halloween.  I’d buy him costumes (to entertain the trick-or-treaters) and if he wore it great, if not, no biggie. He would usually overheat before anyone even made it to our house.

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Then came Jake. Jake was always cold so he was almost always wearing a sweatshirt or sweater, so when Halloween rolled around, he’d pretty much wear anything I put on him, as long as it provided warmth.  If it had a wig, he was fine with it, meant his head would be warm too.  I grew to love planning his costumes (and would try to make Melvin’s as easy as possible to compliment).

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Doug does not like wearing anything. He regularly tries to get his collar off. That did not stop me from buying him three costumes. Call them grief purchases.  I was sorta hoping he’d let me dress him up since I am missing Jake.

He must have heard, eat your costume and I won’t be sad anymore!

One costume he destroyed during an unwanted tug-of-war when trying to put it on him.  The second one I tried was a lumberjack.  In some of the photos you may see a beard hanging from his neck. That beard no longer exists.


Costume three is where we ended up. The inmate, guilty of murdering throw pillows and costume parts. My guess is that after tonight, this costume will qualify for Zombie Prison Inmate.


13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I love the prisoner costume! Julius also enjoys dressing up and actually preens when he is in costume. Ray, while he enjoys being warm, prefers blankets to clothing and definitely isn’t down for a hat or wig.
    I love seeing dogs in costumes!!

  2. Such a cute prisoner! Teddy will wear anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with his sleep. Doodle doesn’t really like any clothes, even shirts or hoodies when it’s crazy cold. She usually ends up frantically rolling against something trying to escape. Good luck with the costume and hope you both have a good day 🎃

  3. “That beard no longer exists” – I can’t stop laughing! I loved these pictures. You’ve come up with some winning ideas over the years!

  4. Ohhhh, that lumberjack one was adorable!! I think the inmate one fits him though! 😉

    He is just the cutest pup!! His eyes/face have so much expression!

  5. Ok Doug this year was a practice run. Next year NO costume eating ! I knew you would be adorable in anything mom picked for you . Soooooo cute ! Happy Halloween

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