Oh the joy of giving joy.

After Jake died, my friend G reached out to me to ask if she could donate to Melvin & Jake’s Project Joy.  I don’t have it set up as non-profit so up to this point, the donations towards the efforts have been from me and my parents (who donated generously after Melvin and Jake each died). It was sorta just this very-big-to-me, little effort I did.

My heart felt so full with G’s very generous donation and I additionally felt a tad overwhelmed to find the ‘perfect’ use for the money. It’s a great problem to have, right? I think it was partly that it was our first donation outside of my family and that it would be our first big gift of joy since adding Jake to the cause.  I took a step back and a deep breath and reminded myself, as long as we are giving joy, it’s going to be right.


I looked at her check for a long time. My heart felt so full. I searched for a while for what felt the most right. In the end, a foster with the French Bulldog Rescue Network (Jake’s rescue) won my heart. Axl, a three-year old Frenchie had been given up by his family after his spinal condition and paralysis became too much for them to handle. I saw him and I knew. He needed some Jakey joy.

Axl is young, way too young to be facing paralysis. I knew that a wheelchair would do two things.

  1. Give him his mobility freedom back (yay)!
  2. Give his future forever family one less thing to worry about (the cost of a wheelchair) which would free them up to just love him more.

Joy at it’s finest.

As for Axl’s first family giving him up, hey, I understand. From the moment I saw Jake falter for the first time to him not having much use of his back legs at all, I never ever considered giving him up.  But…taking care of him and the costs associated with that was extremely overwhelming at times and very expensive. Not everyone is going to say ‘we will figure this out’, some will have to admit ‘we can’t do this’. I think those cases are why rescue exists. There was a time when I would have much rather seen someone give up their dog because paralysis was too much to handle versus not having enough time for the dog.  But then a family gave up Jake because they didn’t have time for him and well, Jake and I were meant to be. Maybe I love all the reasons that brought me Melvin, Jake and Doug. When you are trying to spread joy, its best to leave judgment behind.

Axl got fitted in person at Eddie’s Wheels.  I called that night and paid for the cart, just as I had a few years back when I bought Jake’s cart from them. And it felt seven billion types of lovely to pay that invoice of joy with love and to send G the email announcing the joy she helped facilitate.

Without further ado, I give you, Axl. Every step he takes, love will live on!

Axl before his cart. img_0857

Axl in his new ride! Video below the two photos! If you look closely, you’ll see Jake in sunshine. img_1167img_1168


You can read more about Axl here!

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10 thoughts on “Oh the joy of giving joy.

  1. This is Axl’s foster family writing. My wife and I were both astonished that someone would be so generous as to donate a new Eddie’s Wheels for Axl. A few weeks later we are still in awe. The words “thank you” do not do justice to the amount of gratitude we have for your generous gift. Axl is still adjusting to being a rocker and a roller in his new wheels but his life has changed for the better in a short period of time. He can enjoy the park and being out and about on the ground. I am confident he will become a pro in his cart and will never let his paralysis slow him down.

    Forever grateful,
    Christine, Andy, foster sister Chloe, and Axl

    • I love you guys!! I know what it’s like to be faced with challenges and trying to scramble for solutions. These little scooter frenchies have so much joy in them, the just need the right foster family and forever family to help them find their way. I know Axl will be a joy seeker in that cart and his forever family will see that mobility does not have to be a challenge! We were honored to play a role in Axl’s happiness! Go get’em Axl! xoxo

  2. OK…..you are my hero! I am a FBRN rescue mom. My Jack ’14 was born deaf and the breeder was going to euthanize because he couldn’t profit from him. I’ll spare you my adjectives for said breeder.
    I stalk FBRN constantly. Like your blog, it brings me joy in the work they do. I read about sweet Axl and had NO IDEA until this post that you and G are his mobile angels. Seriously….I adore you!
    Thank you for your JOY and the difference you make in the world.

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