The princess and the pea.

Those of you who have read the blog for a while know that I have a dog bed buying obsession like the dogs to have nice beds. Melvin and Jake both had multiple beds so that there was a bed in most rooms and, so I could swap them out when it came time to clean them.

Doug inherited all the beds.

Doug has destroyed all the beds.

The end.

The last two beds died this weekend. One on Saturday.img_2796

The other on Sunday. img_2805

To be fair, there are two beds left. They have Melvin and Jake’s name embroidered on them so, yeah, I have not introduced those treasures to Demo-Doug and I likely never will!

26 thoughts on “The princess and the pea.

  1. The new name is perfect!
    Have you ever looked at Kuranda beds? A lot of shelters use them, and there is an aluminum frame option with multiple fabric choices. Maggie was unable to destroy hers, after destroying at least 10 other bed options. 🙂

    • I love you! I just bought that exact one (aluminum) last night! Of course I started looking for pads to go on it (it’s a sickness) and I made myself stop! He only chews the beds when I’m not home, his teepee/bedroom bed is sacred, thank goodness!

  2. Wise choice to keep them away from Demo Doug 🙂 Bundy destroyed numerous beds and shoes in his puppy years, thankfully he grew out of it at about 3 years of age but it cost us a small fortune and Maxi was not terribly impressed either.

    The name of the website is perfect, love it.

    • Thanks, I love the name change, feels right. He’s getting a Kuranda bed until he gets through adolescence! I want him to have a bed when I’m out of the house, i just don’t want him to have a new bed every day!

    • Each destruction was in the first ten minutes after I left the house (thank you Dropcam). Then he lays down and sleeps. Not sure what has changed in terms of me leaving.

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