Public Enemy #1.

Me. I’m public enemy #1.

We are starting day 5 post surgey for a grade 4 Luxated Pattella correction (that was difficult) and a surprise TPLO surgery to repair a torn ACL that we didn’t know about.

Doug is doing great.  Despite only being able to tippy-toe on his new leg (which is right on track with healing – he had bones broken to do the fix), he is still ready to run. And jump. And run-jump. And run while jumping and jump while running.

He does not understand why he is in jail. Enter me, the enemy.

Here is what Doug knows:

  • I forgot to feed him breakfast on the same day I dropped him off to a strange place.
  • He ‘fell asleep’ and when he woke up he couldn’t feel his legs and there were only strangers around.
  • He cried throughout the night and I never came (I wanted to come, bud!)
  • The next day some stranger forced him onto his broken leg using a body sling.
  • Then his mother finally showed up (where the hell had she been?).
  • He got home and was put into a crate. Wait, when did the crate come back? We got rid of that months ago.
  • He went for his first bathroom break and his mother had no clue what she was doing and he had no clue what she was doing but there was a band around his belly and his rear legs were not touching the ground and WHY WAS HE ON LEASH IN HIS OWN YARD?
  • He now lives in jail. Why?
  • His mother does not want him to get excited or jump so she doesn’t come into his to his jail cell until he is very calm and sitting (when did the love leave?).
  • He can’t sleep upstairs.
  • His food bowl is not as full as it usually is.
  • WTF.

He looks at me with complete contempt.


This is one of those times, when it wold be nice if we were issued the ability to clearly communicate with our animals. Like if when you get them, you are granted 30 minutes of communication to use (wisely) throughout their lives.  I’d spend 1 minutes on hello, save 4 minutes for emergencies (like major surgery) and I’d save the rest for our final goodbye.

But, we don’t get that so we are the enemy until we aren’t the enemy which for Doug and me is about 85 days from now.

He is still on pain medication and a tranquilizer but there will come a time when he is not on those things and I honestly do not know how I will keep him calm.  Oh for cripes sake, I won’t keep him calm because Doug does not do calm, I am more concerned with just keeping all four paws on the ground because he loves jumping up on his hind legs and why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


I am happy that he seems to be comfortable.  Then again, he was running full speed on a dislocated kneecap and a fully torn ACL so who knows. He could be in agony and no one would be the wiser.

We have a  pretty good system.  I am much better at getting him out with the sling. He is still on the ‘go out, go potty, back to jail’ schedule but when he gets his staples out (5/9) I’m hoping that we are granted some walk time. We don’t even start therapy until 5/16.

I have set up areas on the first floor for him to be where I am. I have an x-pen in the main room where the TV is and when in that he only wears the donut cone since I can monitor him, and so he can death stare at me while we hang out.  I had thought he could be in the office with me but he tried to jump up to look out the window so now I work in the main room so the death staring does not have to travel far. I also have an x-pen set up for him outside, for outdoors death stares.  And he sleeps in a crate at night with a giant cone on because if left in the x-pen unsupervised, he and the pen would probably make it upstairs (to kill me in my sleep). When in the crate and wearing the giant cone, he death stares directly into the camera.


I guess this post is my way of saying, so far, so good!  It’s odd how the universe works.  I do not want the one year anniversary of losing Jake to come because I cannot bring myself to admit he is really gone so I don’t need that day to become another sad reality on the stupid calendar.  At the same time, that timeframe is when Doug’s 3-month lockdown will be over. So I really want that time to fly by but I don’t want it to but I do but I don’t.

Yep, keeping the crazy alive over here!

21 thoughts on “Public Enemy #1.

  1. Glad to hear the surgery went well even though more extensive than you originally thought or planned for.

  2. I’m getting good ideas from you as I plan for this. You’ve really got some nice locations set up for him. And his bed looks super comfy. Where did you get the donut cone?

    • I will do a full list as we go along. The large cone is the Comfy Cone (got it on Amazon). That is the same cone Jake wore when he had eye surgery. It protects them fully from reaching anything. The donut collar I got from PetSmart but they have it on Amazon also. That one is way more comfortable but if he stretches enough, he can lick his incision on his hind leg. So that one is only for when I’m around him to correct him. It def makes it harder for him for to lick so it helps to deter a little. Definitely get an x-pen (amazon) or two. They allow the dog to get up and have food/water bowls and feel more ‘in the room’.

      • Thank you, thank you. You always think things through so well and plan so nicely. I aspire to be that prepared and organized!

  3. He does death stare quite well! Glad to hear surgery is done and recovery has started. Good luck to both of you and continued good thoughts for speedy healing

  4. I went through this same ordeal a few years ago. Only we had complication after complication so it was 13 months recovery time for my girl. It was the worst year of my life… I for sure didn’t win Mother of the Year that year LOL The good news is…. they will forget all about the torture you are putting them through and will be just as crazy as ever.

    PS ~ You have to tell me what kind of bed that is.

      • I’m not gonna lie… It was a Loooong year! But, here we are, 2 years later and I can hardly remember any of it. (maybe I blocked it out on purpose LOL). Now that we are on the other side of recovery, it was all worth it. And to be honest, I would do it all over again if I had to.

        Thanks for the link to the bed… I’m gonna check it out now 🙂

  5. I have nothing to say except that I adore you and Doug!!! What a perfect choice you both made for each other.

  6. I am glad to hear the recovery is going as well as recovery can. I am so familiar with the DEATH STARE as my boy Smudge has it perfected for all sorts of occasions He and I send you and Doug much love

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