The other leg.

Doug is a lot like Melvin (the early days Melvin) ethusiastically.  But his hind legs are 100% Jake.

We have the ongoing saga of his newly rebuilt leg. That one takes us down the inmate path where Doug is jailed and I take his tranquilizers.

We also have the other leg. It now has a stage one luxating patella. It also, likely from several months of compensating for the other leg, hyperextends in the hock area.  The best way for me to describe this to you in a way we all understand is that his ankle area on the good leg, pops forward when he uses it.  Ankles probably should not do that.

Enter in the new brace.  When I tell people about the new brace they just assume its for the newly rebuilt leg and even when I try to explain it’s for the not new leg, they still say ‘yeah, it’s for his surgery leg’ and I say no, it’s for his non-surgery leg and then we all just agree to disagree but still agree that both legs are problematic. Then I get the vodka back out.

Here is Doug, and his new leg brace. He’s tried to eat it 4,672 times (we just got it on Friday) (bottom two videos). I break into a full sweat getting it on him. But look how nicely it accentuates his juicy thigh!


19 thoughts on “The other leg.

  1. It’s all the leg brace’s fault! I can see it practically jumping into his mouth. 😉 On a side note, his bed looks like a cloud!

  2. Oh my this is so hard on both of you . Probably worse for you cuz Doug definitely has the I will get revenge SERIOUS revenge when I am all better look on his gorgeous sweet face

  3. Pallo’s hocks both hyperextend, and have his entire life. I think it may be due to his corgi heritage, or it could just be a design flaw in him. It never seemed to cause any problems though, for hiking, flyball or anything. He has hardly ever been lame in his life.

  4. Doug behind bars trying to eat the brace and then staring at you cracks me up. You have my permission to hit the doggy tranquilizers and vodka . . . hard . . . just don’t drive. 😉

  5. I get it about the brace for the other leg. My foot was run over by a tractor . Crushed it. I don’t have 100% use of that foot. My leg with the crushed foot also lost a lot of muscle mass. One leg is skinnier that the other. Well my good leg built up muscle but after all these years of it doing most of the work it has taken a heavy toll on my knee. So I get it.Oh and reading about Doug makes me feel like I have 4 angels . BabyGirl, my 12 year old GS Mix , Midnight(7) my little senior Pit Bull, Athena my Boxer mix and Samantha my big Black German Shepard . (She was abused horribly as a puppy and never got the chance to be a puppy.) She is 4 now and she is having her puppy hood now. She is such a happy dog. She is very smart and learns fast and she listens very well. They have their moments but I have to say all my dogs are in control of themselves and I feel lucky because who wants 4 out of control dogs.

    • Ouch to your foot crushing! My gosh, that sounds terrible! But I’m glad that Doug makes other dogs seem so tame! And delayed puppyhood is an amazing gift to give a dog. xoxo

      • Yes I have a full blooded GS that came from a family member that past. She did not have a puppy hood she had been in 2 different homes before my relative. Her 2 previous homes she was beaten severely . Poor girl didn’t get a chance to be a puppy. My relative loved her but was not dog educated. So I had to start out with the abuse issues and the basics. She hated men. My son worked with her when she first came to live with me. He was so patient and kind with her. She loves him now. She is 4 years old but you would not know it by her actions as she is a great big puppy. She loves her toys and is always carrying them around. She is very smart and learns fast. Took 4 times for her to learn give me your paw. I am going to let her be a puppy as long as she wants. I feel such joy when I watch how happy and safe and secure feeling she has now.

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