The worst.

I had a migraine last week. It was terrible. Doug, was even worse than the migraine.

To recap:

  • Max would lovingly lay over my legs when I had a migraine and was sick.
  • Melvin would climb into the big bed, and want for nothing until I was able to get back up.
  • Jake would lay at Melvin’s butt forever, he had no clue I was even there (although a few times he would come into the bathroom, I’m presuming to be sure the person who could reach the food was still alive).
  • Doug’s pre-game, game-game and end-game is torturing me.

He was a maniac the day of the migraine. On a scale of 1-10 energy wise, he was infinity. ย He also reverted back to trying to be my backpack, something he has not done in months (and I had not missed). He also, tried to chew my hair.

But the worst part was, and I was extra stomach sick on this migraine, every time I was crouched over the toilet, he would bark, at the toilet, ferociously. Like foam from his mouth would fly into my ear because he was so close to the toilet and in some weird toilet-attack-mode.

So, I shut the door. But he could still hear me getting sick, so he would just flip out until I opened the door again. When I would get up and walk out, he’d run in and bark at the toilet some more.

During migraines, I often write things down, either things that happen during the migraine that I want to tell my neurologist about, or things I need to remember, as I likely won’t have recollection of them after.

I woke up the next day to find this note:


Obviously I won’t. But don’t tell him that.

For those of you anticipating the ‘other leg’ update. We see the surgeon tomorrow at 10am. ย Until then, I’m in denial.


13 thoughts on “The worst.

  1. Oh dear I am so sorry you are feeling more than slightly done in and wonky. Praying for you and sending love to you both from me and my boy Smudge

  2. Tracey, I’m so sorry you have to suffer from the worst of headaches. My mother had them when I was little and I didn’t understand. My heart hitched when I saw your last note and I breathed a sigh of relief when you said you won’t. I pray that both of you find health solutions FAST!! I mean that, I’m praying.

  3. Bless your heart! I’ve only had 1 migraine and it was mild. It was bad enough, I can’t imagine what you went through.

    I like to think that Doug thought the toilet was making you feel bad so he was going to ‘take care’ of the evil monster for you.

  4. BTW, I don’t have a Facebook page so I couldn’t reply to your CBD question, but I have 4 dogs that use it. I use the Canna-Pet capsules for arthritis in 2 and for back pain in my 2 doxies.

    I’ve also used RxCBD tincture, my dogs don’t do well with drops.

  5. Wow, sorry you were under the weather, I too want to believe that Doug thought he was protecting you. Hope your up to snuff soon and that Doug gets good news from the Vet.

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