Merry and Happy.

The holidays can be lovely, joy filled, and happy.  They can also be challenging, lonely, and heartbreaking.

I always say that best part about any holiday is who you share your couch with.  Sometimes, the couch is full.  Inevitably, someone is missing.

We understand.

This will be our third Christmas without Melvin, and the second without Jake. There are a few tears when I put their ornaments on the tree, but at this point, I’m mostly just grateful that they are both in my heart and that every beat is a chance for me to seek and spread joy in their memory.  Despite their physical absence, I’m blessed to still have a full couch.

Love lives on. But it is not always an easy journey.

We wish you all much love and much laughter this holiday season. To anyone who is dreading the holidays or too sad to celebrate, we send you love and hugs. We’ll hold a spot for you, just in case.

xoxo, Tracey & Doug

PS: If you are wondering what Doug thinks of Christmas, just check out his expression on our card.  It’s the ho-ho-ho version of  F-you.


18 thoughts on “Merry and Happy.

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Doug. Thanks for spreading joy and making laughter come to life some days when I really really need it. Love your expressive eyes, know they can see more than we know. Hugs to Tracey for allowing us to share her love and all your Adventures and Escapades. Mary a fellow Brambletonian.

  2. This is a hard Christmas. Putting the ornament on the tree and having to take down the crate and put away all the toys to make room for the Christmas tree. (I know–it took 4 months to put the crate away….) But Christmas is for love and while we don’t see our baby under the tree (right after I bought a nice soft tree skirt on clearance for her to relax on, typical brat) I know that love is there and also right around the corner.

    Merry Christmas to both of you.

    • I absolutely get you. I think four months seems just about right. I have the boys pictures above their food/water bowls. Jake’s is still there. True story. And Melvin’s would probably still be there if I didn’t feel bad that Doug was eating in his spot! Love is, always, right around the corner. xoxo

  3. You have such a way with words! Love this! Just the other day we had a memory pop up of beloved Little Chief in his Santa hat and almost five years of not having him and it it still breaks my heart a little he isn’t here! Well said and Merry and Happy from across the bridge xoxo!!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Doug!!! A heart felt “thank you” to you both for a wonderful blog. Those pictures are priceless. He gets better looking with every photo. Wishing you both a happy healthy holiday and a magical new year!!!

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