Doug got his own place.

You guys know I love the dogs. You also know that I love decorating.  While some argue that Doug’s 2017 jail cell time was hardest on him, I just want to remind everyone the visual assault I went through daily having to see that monstrous jail cell in the middle of the room. I mean sure, I get it, he was in pain and needed to stay still and I was there 24/7 to tend to his needs.  But some days, that jail cell, mocked me.

It hurt my soul. Real bad.

Of course that time is behind us now (please God, no more surgeries) and in 2018, I want tp add another dog. Me wanting another dog, and me being a planner, means I need to work on having two safe spaces for two different dogs. There are those who would say, put the new dog in the mudroom and just let Doug have run of the house. Uh, no. Those of you who would say that are clearly insane and not allowed to vote. Homeboy is not even close to being behaved enough to have run of the house. Not even run of the first floor.  Most days, I say a prayer for the poor mudroom when I leave.

Two safe spaces. The end.

I need to find a spot for Doug (or the new dog) so that I can free up the mudroom (or keep Doug in the mudroom). Clearly you can see I am not sure which dog will go where since currently, only one of those dogs is here and I’ll need to see size and needs of the, at this point, imaginary second dog.

I do not recall how I became aware of Ginny Bins.  I think Instagram recommended me to her page and well Instagram gets me so I checked it out. She makes, in addition to so many other things, custom dog crates. I loved her work but I was hesitant to reach out because her crates were a bit more traditional and/or rustic and I although I realllllllly wanted one, I couldn’t see any of them working with my decorating style.

Around November, I reached out to her (the most awesome Ginny of Ginny Bins ) and I said: hey awesome Ginny-lady, your crates are amazing!  Just one teeny tiny thing, they are a little rustic for me, I like a more modern decor, do you think you could make one that is equally awesome but more the style of my house?

She said yes!

Ginny was a dream to work with and her and her husband hand delivered the crate over the holiday break. There are honestly, VERY FEW THINGS I would allow to take up visual space in the house (from a decorating statndpoint) and this is abosultely one of them.

Some of you have seen it in some of our recent Instagram stories. It’s amazing!

IMG_8080 (1)

I thought I was going to have to train Doug to go into it.  I figured we’d take a few weeks to get him comfortable being in it.  The day it arrived, he walked in and took a nap.

Ok, well that was easy.

IMG_8123IMG_8112IMG_8093IMG_8123 (1)IMG_8122

This thing is magical. Doug opts to nap in it. WHEN I’M HOME!  It’s also in a great spot. He no loner feels he has to follow me every step I take because he can pretty much keep track of me from all the views of his new digs.

I have yet to shut the door on it (with him inside).  I will also need to relocate the WiFi extender since he will 100% try to remove it from the plug and likely be electroctued.

On days I go into the office, Doug gets 2, half-hour walks, and those walk would probably increase with another dog, so I am not terribly worried about him being in the crate when I’m gone (once we add another dog). Also, one day, maybe, I’m not sure but I hope, I think, probably, althought not for sure but maybe, just maybe, that, perhaps, he will have run of the house, first floor.

For now, he has a condo, and a mudroom and we’ll see where this second dog idea goes. Go check out Ginny Bins (site and social media)! Tell them Doug sent you!

26 thoughts on “Doug got his own place.

  1. I’ve noticed this crate in your instagram posts and thought how stunningly beautiful it is! It’s like a piece of decor rather than a crate – love it!

    • The bed is from Doca Pet (It’s the only bed they have). I bought that for his first surgery knowing he was going to be down for a while and wanting to entice him with pure comfort!

  2. I see Doug just squeezing though those bars. Why are they so far apart? I have a escape artist and that crate would not contain her for a full 2 seconds. It is beautiful but is it practical ?

    • So the bar distance is customizable. The crate was originally going to go in the mudroom, my thought being that the new dog and Doug could bond but be separate in there. So the sides and back were going to bump against walls (you will notice the door’s bars are closer together). But it was too big to make the mudroom work and I loved how looked in the new spot so decided to leave it where it is now. It works fine for Doug but I hear you on that and always have the option of adding bars.

      • Escape artists beware for sure! Doug is not a barrier breaker. He will destroy what is in the crate or mudroom but he does not challenge parameters. Your dog would laugh at this!

      • I have a escape artist so always thinking of can she get out? She actually chewed the bars on her crate so I don’t crate her anymore.I have been moving and she has manage to escape 2 times. Once at new house and once at old house. I figured out if I get my car she will jump in. My son was chasing her all over at new house which is the worse thin you can do.He never listens lol

  3. That is so great! I have dreams of having an attractive/multi-functional crate for Kodi. My living room is so tiny and his crate is sooo big and it looks like a crate! I do have a piece of plywood on the top so I can use it as a giant end table. I guess I can’t complain too much since it is kind of hidden by my recliner and the large upright freezer that’s also in my living room. LOLOL

    • Hahahahah, the things we do for our dogs! I mean at one point I tried to give Doug a double sized jail cell, which meant all humans had to climb onto the couch over the armrest. This new condo makes those memories more tolerable!

    • Virginia of Ginny Bins (who happens to be my awesome niece) makes every bin specific to the needs of the client and their pet. Want narrow bars, she’ll do that, no bars, yep, Got a small dog and want a crate that doubles as an end table with a drawer, she’s got you covered. If you can dream it, she can make it!

  4. Wow! I love it. I’m the same way – we have large dogs, which means large crates. Most of the time they get the run of the house, but occasionally, Ramble needs reminding that he does outside business outside. The crates takes up the entire kitchen! …and it’s ugly! Is it hard to disassemble? How does it store? Or is it pretty much permanent?

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

    • I am guessing disassembly is not something I’d attempt! It came to us assembled. It’s pretty light though, so it’s easy to move. But it’s either there or in the basement, assembled. The strange thing about it is, I sometimes have a hard time getting him out. He REALLY likes it.

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