The Bobs.

Update on Doug’s arch enemies cat siblings.

I have not seen Bob #1 in a long time. I am not sure what happened. She is microchipped to me and no one has called to say that she has been injured or killed. My guess is that she has either died (perhaps in a remote area or in the sewer) or she’s relocated. I obviously hope it’s the latter. Bob #1 and I never really bonded. Not just because of the allergies but also because she’s sort of a raging bitch and she really does not seem to like humans. Especially me. Which is totally fine, but it’s defiantly hard to bond with someone who you fear might chew or claw your face off.

Bob #2 on the other hand, is doing great. He comes to eat daily. He meows in the driveway to let Doug know he’s here. This fires Doug up so he rams the widow and viciously barks at Bob #2. Bob #2 just sits and torments him and laughs in a funny cat-sibling sort of way. Bob #2 also seems to like me. He will come pretty close to me and he watches me pour his food so I’m pretty much the best person ever to Bob #2. I even bought a water filtration bowl that holds a gallon of fresh water so he doesn’t have to drink sewer juice. If that doesn’t scream love from a deathly cat allergic person, I don’t know what does.


Funny thing about Bob #2, I love him. I mean if he hasn’t come to eat on any given day, I worry and I go outside and start meowing like a crazy person.  Then it gets stranger because I start calling out Bob, Bob, BOB!.


As for naming, we were going to go with Carl. But since there may only be one Bob now, he may just stay Bob. We are going to give it a few more months and if Bob #1 is really gone, we’ll make it official that Bob #2 is Bob. Just Bob. No number. Regardless, his middle name is most definitely Poop, because six-year olds choose the best cat names.



11 thoughts on “The Bobs.

  1. Lordy, this will be weird, but I can’t stop giggling about you outside “meowing and then calling Bob!” We definitely need a video with sound the next time this happens!!! (you really do have a great heart for all the animals!

  2. I love it and what a cute kitty face. I love it that you love animals so much. I love them too, but seeing the way you love them makes me love them even more!

  3. I hope Bob #1 has relocated too. Bob Poop has a nice ring to it, gotta love the names that kids come up with 😉 I had to laugh at the thought of you meowing outside in an effort to call Bob, we’re surrounded by dogs so it would probably set them all off if I did something similar.

  4. I’m sorry Bob #1 is missing. I adore Bob #2 (that face!!!!), and yes… this shows tremendous love for someone you’re terribly allergic to, which makes me admire you even more!! One random thought that you probably already considered: With warm weather finally around the corner, if he IS drinking sewer juice, have you thought about sneaking a heartworm prevention into his food?

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