Doug hates Halloween

Remember how I used to really kill it on Halloween with the dog costumes? Well, Doug does not do costumes. Unless do costumes = eat costumes off his back. 

Last year I dressed him up as a Handmaids TAIL, and he rammed the bonnet into the wall and destroyed it before I could even push the camera button on my phone.

The ONLY costume I have successfully kept on him for more than 5 minutes was Frankenweenie, when I drew the costume on him with liquid eyeliner (and I couldn’t get it off for weeks).

Here is a little walk down memory-costume-lane so you can waste a few extra minutes at work on a Friday.

Also, if you need me, I’ll be decorating for Christmas.

Frankenweenie (it worked because he had so many scars from his leg surgeries. IMG_7448Prisoner, because he was on lockdown during leg surgeries. img_0953-1Hannibal Lector, because he ate so many frogs. IMG_6124IMG_6128Mr. T and the Fool. IMG_0835IMG_0824

King of my heart. 11 4 13f

Snookie. 10 30 13a11 4 13c

He hated this so much. I took it right off him. 10 30 13

Punk Melvin. IMG_2839IMG_2819photo[1]

13 thoughts on “Doug hates Halloween

  1. THE FROG!!! 💚💚💚Omg Doug needs to get with it or you need another dog by Halloween next year. Just saying.


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  2. Those are all so great! Doug does not want to put his light under a basket! I need to get one of those manes so my smooth collie can go as a rough collie. LOL

  3. Love Love Love Melvin as the punk dog. Doug dances to his own tune, but looked great as frankendog. So glad to hear someone else is talking about xmas decorating already! I love it up early as well, but it comes down before New Years day!

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