The above photo shows the contents of my evenings. Melvin’s tail must be wrapped every night so that topical medication can be put on. There is the medication, the sterile pad that goes on top the medication, the soft batting to protect the pad, the blue vet tape (sticks to itself, nothing else) the pipe protector (from Home Depot) to cushion the blows of Melvin’s wagging and then the sticky tape (looks like ace bandage wrap) that sticks to absolutely everything (itself, fur, the floor, my fingers, the tube of medicine, etc.).

Melvin moves the entire time I’m trying to wrap his tail. First he thinks it’s a petting session so he refuses to lay down, he just tries to snuggle. It’s comical but then it’s frustrating because he’s wagging madly and one swipe to a hard surface and it will look like another murder scene. I lure him down with treats and he thumps his tail with brute force the entire time I try to get the ointment on. I know he senses my stress. I try to calm us both down but a dog with happy tail is happy, his body is constantly in motion. It takes 3 minutes to get the first two steps done. By then I’ve cursed and my face is red and he thinks it’s his fault. I’m overcome with guilt, it’s not his fault. Must focus; must persevere. I get the blue tape on, then the pipe protector then the sticky tape (that I hate with the intensity of a thousand hot sun’s). Done. We’ll be lucky if it lasts the night let alone to tomorrow night when we’ll do it all over again.

The outcome…

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