Melvin is having his tail removed tomorrow. Like so many issues with dogs, he has no idea. I feel terribly guilty about that. I ask myself, did we do everything possible? Yes, I think we did. It’s been infected and it’s breaking open every day now. The decision is not easy, it will haunt me indefinitely. I want what’s best for Melvin and some days that means making decisions that feel blinding and incomprehensible. I have consulted opinions of countless vets, animal experts, friends and family. I only wish Melvin could chime in, his vote would matter most.

I don’t know how much Melvin wagged before we met. I do know that since joining the family he has earned ‘happy tail’. Each day he wags harder and more often. The range of motion and fierceness that he wags with is such a beautiful part of my day. His wagging shows me he’s happy. Right now, I feel like I’m removing his smile.

Melvin and I have gotten through a lot together, this will be no different. I pray for a smooth surgery and no complications. I’m grateful for an awesome vet, one that I know loves Melvin and wants only the very best for him. I’m grateful for pain medications and for antibiotics, I want him comfortable and infection free. Most of all, I’m grateful for Melvin and his outlook on life. That sweet tail of his wags if I’m coming at him with a hug or an allergy shot. He loves life and I look forward to him figuring out a his new way to wag. I love him no matter what comes.

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