Melvin still has a tail!

As most of you know, we arrived at the vet on Thursday to have Melvin’s tail removed and the surgery got postponed. The surgeon (whom we had never met before) became so enamored with Melvin and his tail that he asked us to give him one week. I was a bit in shock and thought I’d heard him wrong. After a night of worry, guilt and crying I figured I’d either misunderstood him or I was on a very hurtful reality TV show. He wanted to try wrapping the tail himself, a wrap that he guaranteed would stay on for seven days. What he couldn’t promise was whether it would work. As mentioned before, I like to be able to say I did my best/tried all that I could in everything I do, especially where Melvin is concerned. I felt so fortunate we were getting another chance.

Having Melvin’s tail thumping for another week has been wonderful and even if the approach doesn’t work, it’s been a blessing to have this week to fully celebrate it in all it’s glory while not having to deal with the frustration of wrapping, re-wrapping and blood.

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