The Tell Tale Tail.

Melvin lost his tail today. He is still at the vet in recovery but they said he did great. He will bounce, as he always does, right into his next joyful moment!

I love his crazy tail (I love everything about him) but what I really love is that ‘thump’. While at the vet the other day they took him to clip his nails while I stayed in the examination room. Suddenly, I heard the thumping. thump, Thump, THump, THUmp, THUMp THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. Melvin was clearly in the room next to me and his tail was in full motion and whacking the wall between us. It was hysterical! Just this morning, as I was making subtle morning movements while waking-up, Melvin thumped for me. I’ll miss that melodious tail song but Melvin will find a new, equally wonderful, way to express his happiness. He has way too much for it to ever be contained!

Thank you too all our fans for your well-wishes during the tail-debacle! We’ll keep you posted.

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