“Don’t step on the nubbin”.

I could never have guessed that would be the most popular phrase spoken in this house. Melvin is resting comfortably. Last night was pretty rough, he was in a lot of pain and he cried and moaned (which made me cry and moan). He found it impossible to get comfortable. The only way he’d lay still was if I talked. Suffice it to say, we are both exhausted today.

This morning he got a bandage change and the vet said he’s doing good, we go back on Saturday. Until then it’s lots of love combined with pain meds, antibiotics and skin cream (because of course poor Melvin had a reaction to the tape they used on his IV). I’m praying the bandage stays on, I love him but I’d rather see his nubbin a week from now. Especially since if the bandage falls off, I have to redo it.

Some photos of drunk-high-confused-drooling Melvin…

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