Me and my shadow.

Melvin is true to many of his Labrador traits. One main thing being that he is always underfoot. Labs are notorious for needing to be with the pack, almost 24/7. I knew what I was getting into because Max used to be the same way.

If I’m in motion, Melvin is never more than 5 feet behind. When I’m stationary, he always has me in view. Most times, he is right next to me. When I rinse the dishes, he lays behind my feet. When I need to go into the panty, laundry room, garage or any other destination Melvin can usually be found directly in front of me. More often than not I have to go around him. When I go upstairs, downstairs or to the backyard, he follows me. If a door happens to close and we find each other on opposite sides of it, he will try to smash his face between the floor and the door and will sniff constantly until I let him in (and he will of course bound into the room as if we’ve been separated for months).

In the new house, if I go outside Melvin follows me from window to window. Pictures below are our version of “Where’s Waldo?”.

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