Do(n’t) fence me in.

Up to now, Melvin has only gone off-leash at my parents house. Rarely without issue. They have a pool and the cover is rubber(ish), it moves like trampoline. Melvin, who cannot tell cover from walkway, ran out onto the cover one Christmas Eve. Once out in the middle he froze, realizing that with each step, he was bouncing. It took twenty minutes to coax him off of it, every step I prayed his nails wouldn’t puncture the cover. He does not have a trust fund, any damage was coming out of my wallet.

The next summer Melvin fell into the same (uncovered) pool. It was hilarious at first, he’d been playing basketball (Air Bud style) with my nephew and had actually knocked a few shots in with his nose (he was taking his shots from the safety of the deck). Once in the pool we quickly realized that Melvin can’t swim. I literally had to jump in and save him. While I knew all to well that he does not enjoy being wet, labs are water dogs so I assumed the swimming skill was genetic. I was so wrong. When he had his tail removed the vet mentioned that it might affect his swimming ability. I doubt that will go in the direction I’m hoping.

The fence construction at our new house is complete and Melvin finally has a yard! Hopefully this new yard is Melvin-proof. Grass, brick and fence. Unless the geese land within in the perimeter we should be incident free (she types, somewhat unsure).

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