Melvin loves to sleep in. I have had several conversations with people who complain about how their dogs wake them super early, either needing to go out or eat. Apparently there is much barking involved. Melvin is not one of those dogs. On a work-day I hit the snooze bar at least 3 times (Ok fine, 5. I’m not proud.). Melvin doesn’t even lift an eyebrow until the alarm goes off for the 7th time. There is no pressure from him whatsoever.

I had to get up before 5am today. Melvin didn’t budge. I showered, blew dry my hair and turned lights on. The only movement Melvin made was to bury his head in the covers to block the light.

I love that dog.

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  1. Tess and Ed are the same way!! We attempt to wake up at 6 (rarely happens) and be downstairs for a walk by 715. The pooches don’t budge until 7am, no matter what time we got up. On weekends, if we don’t get up, they don’t get up.

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