Melvin is looking for a brother or sister. It’s an easy sentence to type but not as easy to execute. There are things to consider. Melvin does not love many dogs. I can count the ones he barely tolerates on one hand. I know we can work through that but when you are looking for a new family member, Melvin’s non-welcoming demeanor can be a challenge. Melvin’s allergies are another factor. I can figure out how to feed two dogs different foods while keeping Melvin’s mouth in his own bowl but there are other eating opportunities, treats, chews, Kongs etc. I find myself ‘perking up’ when I come across a dog with allergies. That seems so wrong but I guess it’s actually a good thing, others might not welcome a rescue who requires food restrictions and medications. For me, it seems like a much less stressful consideration.

Challenges aside, our future family member will be a rescue. Our most recent and first inquiry did not work out. New dog needed to go to a family where she was the only four-legged member. Next!

2 thoughts on “Vacancy.

  1. Oooh, I’ll bet Melvin will love a 4-legged companion! I had a Labrador with food allergies and atopy, and it wasn’t that hard to restrict her diet with other dogs in the house. I fed all the dogs the same hypoallergenic diet, which made it easy. Everyone’s treats were the same, too, so there were no worries. I even kept all of them on the same non-oral heartworm prevention (Revolution), so I wouldn’t have to worry about the Lab accidentally getting the oral kind. It takes a bit of tweaking but it’s doable. I also understand what you mean about taking in a new dog with allergies. Once you’ve learned how to manage one, it doesn’t seem that hard to take on another. Of course, each patient is a bit different (my current English Bulldog’s allergy management program is vastly different from my Lab’s), but it doesn’t feel like such an immense hurdle. I chose to adopt my Bulldog in large part because I knew I could manage his awful skin (he looks soo much better). Good luck – we look forward to seeing Melvin’s new buddy! – Christine

  2. Marshall would make a lovely companion for Melvin. He doesn’t have any true allergies, but his skin gets very flaky and itchy if we don’t give him Welactin year-round. Does that qualify? And you can’t count on another random growth around his eyes or ears to suit your medical needs. LOL

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