It’s been several months since Melvin’s tail was amputated and I can officially say that the change has most definitely been for the better. He’s a happy boy. A really happy boy. Prior to losing it, his tail would hit everything… walls, table legs, door corners, cabinets (opened and closed), mailboxes, cars, tires, trees, fences and people (legs if tall, faces if short). It wasn’t so much about him causing damage to others but once he got ‘happy tail’ I realized how damaging each of those swipes were to him.

His life without a tail has given him so much more room to grove. Our house didn’t magically grow yet he has so much more space in it. And let me tell you, that dog can shake some serious booty. I just pray he doesn’t get ‘happy butt’. His bum we need.

(Just to clarify, for those of you starting at this post, Melvin’s tail was removed due to injury.)

Say what?!

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