Allergic to change.

Due to Melvin’s allergies, he gets a new bed every eight months or so. If I’m unable to wash the actual bed, he will usually start to get too itchy in it.  Each time I get him a new bed it takes him a week or two to warm up to it.  I have to hide treats around it just to lure him over then treat him to get up on it, sit, and eventually lay down.  The minute the treats run out he gets up and goes to find his old bed.  Slowly I inch the old bed closer to the garage and he eventually sees things my way.  Yes, I could just rip the band-aid off and swap the beds out, but Melvin likes to sleep in, and I like to sleep in so due diligence on the bed front makes my life better also.  It also helps to keep him out of the big bed.  Everyone sleeps soundly.

Today his new bed came from P.L.A.Y.  I got it out of the box, laid it down and gathered up the wrapping for trash.  Within seconds of me laying it in the foyer (where I unpacked it), Melvin walked up, got on it and laid down upon it (photo below).  I thought it might be a fluke but he stayed there even when I took the box out to the trash.  Finally, love at first sight!

Of course, this story would have a much happier ending if he wasn’t too damn big for the bed.

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