I look at A LOT of dog rescue sites. I’m always looking for the next member of our family. Also, I love to see dogs get listed and then find their forever home.  It’s easy for me as the viewer of this process but I know that rescue groups work tirelessly to make it all happen. 

It’s pretty typical for me to look on a site, read some bios and feel as if I want to save them all.  I count them up and convince myself to go from a one dog home to a home with ten dogs.  It’s even easier at adoption events.  “I’ll take that one, and that one, and oh definitely that one”.  There are many types of people who make an animal loving world spin.  Many dive in and adopt or foster as many dogs as they can.  These are my heroes.  I want so badly to foster and it is the single thing I am most terrified of committing to.  Each time I try to think about why, I become overwhelmed.  In the same way I want all dogs to be saved (the dreamer half of my heart), I want to be sure about each dog I consider bringing into my home (the realistic part of my brain). These two equally powerful forces within me can cause me days and week of debate with myself. 

I visualize things.  When I’m shopping for furniture, decorations or a new house, I rely wholeheartedly on my ability to see it working out or not.  I have great confidence in this skill of mine.  If I can’t see it working, no matter how much I may love it or how much it might haunt me, I walk away. It’s the same with my ongoing pursuit of a dog.  I just know when it’s right.  There are three dogs that are proof of this. I have that feeling for a certain dog right now.  The dog currently has an adoption pending however there is some uncertainty about whether it will go through.  First and foremost I want the dog to find a forever home where they can be loved, and spoiled and find joy.  Second, I really hope that home turns out to be mine

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