You might recall the post I did about the passing of my dear friend’s dog. It was tragic and sad.  There is absolutely never a good time to die.  For them, Sosa left this world just as his newest human sister was turning three weeks old. Exhaustion was the new way of life, especially since there was already a five and two-year old in the house.  The weekend he died, half the family had the stomach flu.  The weeks after his death were filled with sadness, flat tires, ear infections, reflux, Croup and Scarlet Fever.  Life in their home felt ‘cursed’.  They personified overwhelmed.  Of course if Sosa had died and none of these things had happened, it still would have been too much to bare.

I am friends with these lovely people, to the point of being family.    If something ever happened to me I know they would walk across the street, pack Melvin up and give him a good life.  A few weeks after Sosa’s death, I was given the most thoughtful thank you I have ever received.  A jar of reasons why we are close, the little things that add up to a big friendship.  That jar sat in front of me for several hours before I was able to open it and it now sits on the counter as a reminder to live a life that makes the people in my life thankful for having me there.

One of the lovely handwritten notes was about being there when Sosa died.  A sad day indeed.  Grief becomes a part of you but eventually (hopefully) it stops owning as many moments in your day.  In an upcoming post I will tell you how they are motoring through the grief, how they told ‘the curse’ to suck it and how they are honoring the Sosa love.

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