A few years back I had Melvin photographed by Bev Hollis.  I had stalked her work for some time and was able to get a booking with her.  We spent a lovely fall October day at a farm in Purceville, VA and the beautiful outcome can be seen in some of the header photos of this blog, throughout my house and in the homes of many family members.  The photos are breathtaking and I treasure each and every one of them.  And soon, you can treasure one also.

Workman publishing (you might have heard of them) publishes themed page-a-day calendars.  The themes include things such as Purses (yes I have this one), Islands, Flowers, Art, etc.  One page per day (thus the clever name), with a photo.  Below is the Dog themed calendar example from 2012…

In the 2013 calendar, MELVIN WILL BE ONE OF THE PAGES!!!!!  I can’t even believe I was able to wait this far into the post to tell you!  The calendar chose 27 photos from Bev (she is so friggen talented!) and my boy was one of them!  We don’t know which photo was chosen or what day he’ll get (I pray it’s not Halloween since that is my least favorite of all the days) but we are so excited and have started saving up for our bulk order.  The calendar goes on sale in July!  Woot!

Congratulations to Bev on her talent and to Melvin on being so adorable!

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