We’re not in Kansas anymore. (Ernie’s take on being here).

Where the hell am I?  My mom took me for two-hour drive to my least favorite place (the vet) and if that wasn’t bad enough then she took me to some strangers house and left me there.  I think I’ve met this lady before but it’s all a blur (that’s blind-dog humor).

There is another dog here.  He’s been pretty cool to me.  Every time he gets close to me that Lady that lives here gets tense and tells him to ‘make good decisions’.  I hope that dog isn’t a murderer, what decisions could he possibly have?

When my mom abandoned me here, I cried.  It took me a while to relax and when I was finally ready to do so, that spot on the couch where that other dog lays was open so I hopped up there and fell asleep.  I could feel eyes staring at me in shock, pretty sure it was bold of me to lay there.  Other dog seemed ok though. I think he really enjoyed it when I subsequently fell off the couch because I CAN’T SEE!

The Lady tested my blood, it took her 97 pricks to draw blood.  I could have done it faster. I hope she gets better at it cause that *&6% hurts.  I’m going to overlook it though cause I had a pretty restless night and She stayed up with me.

I don’t know.  Lady seems nice and she pets on me a ton. Dog seems ok.  But what does ‘adoption’ mean?  I’m confused.

2 thoughts on “We’re not in Kansas anymore. (Ernie’s take on being here).

  1. Be careful not to fall off the couch, Ernie! Maybe until you get your bearings you should stick a little closer to the ground!

    Be patient with your new mama, she’s not used to testing your blood, but she’ll get the hang of it soon. I know you’re sad about your foster mama leaving, but trust me, you hit the adoptive mama JACKPOT! So be patient, everything will start to come into focus (ha ha…blind dog humor) before you know it!

  2. Poor Ernie, it must be tough figuring out a new place when you can’t see. It sounds like he’s doing well so far, especially if Melvin didn’t defend the couch. Things will get better soon – I wasn’t that good at giving animals pills & after all the practice now it’s over so fast the dogs & cats barely notice. (It helps that they know treats are next.)

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