Bed obsession.

One thing I have always felt pretty strongly about is that the dog stuff needs to be functional yet still decorative. I don’t want people to say ‘oh, look, a dog bed’.  I want them to say ‘Holy crap!  How friggen awesomely adorable is that! He sleeps there!?’.  Yep, I aim high.

So I am in the process of creating a new space for Melvin.  I’ve brought the Molly Mutt covered bed back out and have ordered their bolster (has not arrived yet so more on that in a few days).  I purchased a non-dog themed photo as a backdrop/headboard.  And then… I saw it and knew I had to have it.

A pillow, for Melvin, that says ‘stud’.

Fluffy-pillow-girlfriend is on her way out the door (or at least out of the bedroom) once the bolster arrives.  He tends to kick her out of bed every night and she’s claiming abuse.

6 thoughts on “Bed obsession.

  1. Will you make me a little bed space next to Melvin’s with a pillow that says “Sassy bitch” and I’ll come live with you? I am seriously obsessed with your decorating…

    • I had the same guilt over covering the Harry Barker bed but when you have to wash bedding as often as I do for Melvin, I quickly realized that he get’s allergy free bedding and I get to use whatever cover I want. Compromise!

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