Weekend warriors.

This is odd, it’s one of those five days (yes I can count) that She has usually left by now.  I thought it was weird when we were still lounging in our respective beds after the sky got bright.  Then she drank her coffee, downstairs. She usually drinks that while using the noisy fan that blows her hair all around. The big yellow thing has driven down the street several times today and She is usually gone by then.  But here She is, still in her pajamas.

She. Is. Staying. Home!

I heard Her telling someone on the eyephone that she was in need  of a mental holiday, I just assumed she would get the black rolling box out and disappear for a few days. Man I hate that black rolling box.  But it seems, She is not going anywhere.  And…She just got my backpack out of that bucket that says ‘dog stuff’. I seriously love that bucket. Remain calm.  Don’t let her know you notice.  Whatever you do, don’t excited pee.

Happy Weekend everyone!  We are off to rejuvenate and relax!

1 thought on “Weekend warriors.

  1. Melvin – this is Turk. I’ve highjacked my mom’s computer to tell you to keep. it. together. If she sees you pee, the jig may be up. She might get frustrated and take her “mental day” elsewhere….without you. Play it cool, dude. Play. it. cool.

    Your pal,

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