I love my mom. I admire, respect and seek out time with my mom.  She is funny, strong, happy, and smart and I’m giddy just being around her.  The world lights up when she is near.  I have pretty much always felt this way.  When someone tells me stories of how they don’t get along or are not close to their mom, I feel tremendous sadness for them and in the same moment count my every blessing.

We have as many differences as we have similarities. My mom does not share my love of animals (I’m still not sure where that gene of mine came from) and that has always been ok.  She loves Melvin, mostly I think because I love Melvin.  We had dogs growing up, she and my dad wanted us to experience all that our hearts desired, but she often does not fully comprehend the bond a person can feel with their pet.  While I might think she is crazy to not get it, I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy to have a blog about my dog.

Melvin’s well-being and happiness are paramount to me.  I love him unconditionally.  Without doubt, I am a wonderful dog mom because of my mother.  She taught me to love, to be patient, to let joy run amuck. So mom, Melvin says thank you.  And he’s pretty excited that we are heading over to your house right now. He has grand plans to drool, shed and eat up the forbidden chocolate in the dining room. And you will say, as the title of this blog reflects, ‘Oh Melvin!’.

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