Sick day(s).

Melvin had a rough weekend.  He was unable to keep food down and then he had a mild seizure.  His face started to spasm and then one of his hind legs started thrashing about (which alarmed him so he jumped up but the leg had a mind of its own and kept flailing about).  After a trip to the emergency vet, we have ruled a lot out but are still not sure what it is.  Most things point to neurological.  Melvin has always had mild tremors in his legs however the tremors have been increasing, and with the weekend mini-seizure it is clear that we need to see a specialist.

Don’t these things always seem to happen on holiday weekends?  I mean we could have had him in to see a neurologist by now and know, or have some clue about what is going on.  But here we are, staring at one another with no idea at all.  And poor Melvin, he is allergic to protein and grains so he cannot have boiled chicken and rice.  He has to go without food.  He. Is. Not. Happy.

I am not happy either.  I want him well, always.

Here is my patient, passed out on top of me.

And here he is doing what he did all weekend, sleeping.

10 thoughts on “Sick day(s).

  1. Poor guy! Is there anything you can do for seizures to prevent them? I don’t have any experience with dog seizures whatsoever. Tell him to get back to his stud-ly self soon!

  2. Feel better, Melvin! I had a husky that had occasional seizures, but luckily they were never frequent enough to require medication. We do have a dog at work that is on medication, and they seem to be less frequent now. Seizures can be triggered by so many things, and since Melvin seems to be CRAZY allergic to everything, hopefully it can be figured out ASAP and that will be that 🙂 Thinking of you both and hoping for the best!

    • Awww, thank you! He has finally started feeling better (yay!) and only had two seizures (both on Saturday). We are def hoping for the occasional or never again variety!

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