Waiting game.

Melvin is feeling better.  He’s still slow and not easy to motivate but I can tell he is perking back up.  No more seizures and his stomach seems to be tolerating food better, although he continues to have the shoestring drool that indicates he’s still nauseous.  We are now just waiting for a plan to get in and see an internal medicine specialist and a neurologist.

In the meantime, I’m flashing back to the six hours we spent at the ER on Saturday.  Here are some favorites…

  • Vet Tech:  His face looks a little emaciated compared to his body, do you see that?  Me:  I love his face!
  • Vet:  Is he more yellow than usual?  Me:  He’s pure pink, I don’t see anything but pink.  Oh, wait, I see some red on top of the pink.
  • Vet:  Here is the estimate for what we want to… Me: Do it. Whatever he needs, do it.
  • Vet:  The only thing we didn’t do was an x-ray… Me: Do it, otherwise I will worry all weekend that we missed something that the x-ray would have shown.
  • Vet:  Can you hold him while I listen to his lungs.  Me:  I can try, but I am not very good at this.  Vet: No, no you’re not.

Emaciated or not, I LOVE THIS FACE!

8 thoughts on “Waiting game.

  1. I am so glad to hear that Melvin has perked up a bit. I hope it continues and that perhaps it’s something easily treatable. We’ll continue to send Melvin good thoughts!

  2. Poor thing! I know how scary it is to feel helpless and the only power you have is the power of your bank account to do every test the vet can think of. I hope Melvin starts feeling better soon. This is too stressful for you!

    • So well put (power of the bank account)! He goes for a Bile Acid test on Saturday. I’d much more prefer being on the proactive side of let’s figure this out than the reactive/panic side of it all like Saturday was. I have forbid him to be sick so now he shall be healthy!

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