Just words.

I took Melvin for a nice, slow walk yesterday.  He was definitely dragging.  A man pulled-up in a  truck and asked me how old Melvin was.  I said 7.  His response was, ‘Seven?  That’s it?  He looks 20!’.   I asked him why he cared enough to pull over and to ask me this  and he said, it just seemed like he was really, really old. My response, “well you’re ugly and so is your truck”.  Super mature I was not.

I don’t know what is going on with Melvin, we had the Bile Acid test done and we get the results of that this week but I don’t need some stranger suggesting that it looks like he is on his death-bed.  We finished our walk and went out to relax on our ‘work-in-progress patio’.  And come today, Melvin was full of energy and bouncy on his walk so suck that ugly-guy-in-ugly-truck.

The chaise faces the double sided fireplace.

I planted herbs in the pots and my guess is they will get eaten by some wildlife or another by mid-week.

I’m seven, not 20.

5 thoughts on “Just words.

  1. I think that we ate allowed to have days where we don’t feel or act our age, so your reply was totally appropriate. I also think that Melvin looks absolutely young and hip in his Sugar Skulls collar!

  2. What that guy must have meant was that Melvin looked “distinguished” and not “old.” Regardless, he’s a d-bag. Give Melvin a snuggle from me and tell him that I think he is a stud.

  3. People always say stuff to me about my dog Birdie that goes something like, “look kids, it’s a really old dog.”. So awkward. I wish our dogs could flip these insensitive weirdos off ; )

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