Liver. My least favorite food.

Melvin’s liver is functioning normally.  I got pretty excited while the doctor was going over the details of the test so I’m not really even sure what he said.  Our regular vet was off today so my conversation was with the head of the vet practice, who had taken time to read Melvin’s chart before calling. It’s little things like that I find so endearing.  We recapped the list of things that had been going on with him (weight loss, nausea, vomiting, crazy drool, energy decrease, increased tremors, mini seizure…not all in that order and not each one all the time).  So what is the cause, we still don’t know.  I had asked about next steps three steps ago (type A!) but he reiterated the plan to me again.  Melvin needs to see a Neurologist. My vet hung up with me, called the Neurologist to give him the update and then called me to tell me they had appointments tomorrow.  Whoa, wait, tomorrow? What about the Healthy Liver party I am currently planning (ironically this party celebrates Melvin’s healthy liver by causing damage to mine)!.

Melvin sees the Neurologist on Wednesday.  It’s a two-hour appointment and he has to fast again in the case they decide to do an MRI or spinal tap that day.  I don’t even know what a spinal tap checks for (oh hello, Google!).  He also has to go see an Internal Medicine doctor.   When I asked why, I was told in so many words,  in the case there is a tumor somewhere that we have not located, but mostly to coordinate with the Neurologist.  The world paused for the briefest moment while I reminded myself how much I appreciate candor.

I hung up and made the appointment.  Melvin’s life merged with mine for a reason.  One of those reasons seems to be a tour of every medical facility in the DC metro area.  Another was so Melvin could teach me that some days are itchy and some are pure joy.  That is life! I believe wholeheartedly that he will be just fine.

Thanks for checking in with us!  We love, love, love you all!

8 thoughts on “Liver. My least favorite food.

  1. Give Melvin a big hug from me. Drink several glasses of wine and snuggle him tight. I’ll send him all the good health vibes I can from KC! Keep us posted!

  2. Do you use Frontline, Certifect, Advantix or a similar spot on flea and tick repellant? They can affect sensitive dogs’ nervous systems with all of the symptoms you describe. A week ago Maggie lost bladder control and had trouble walking on Sunday morning, less than 24 hours after using a flea and tick spot on product. The vet said that we can never use any of those products on her again. She’s fine now, and we’re going to be trying a cedar oil repellant spray. Nothing like giving my dog a nervous system problem. Aaaggghh.
    Good luck with your super cute boy Melvin! Feel better soon big guy!

    • What!!!? Ok, first off poor you and Maggie, that is alarming. How did you/they know right away that’s what it was? Melvin uses Revolution and now I’m going to go back and look at the calendar to see if there is any correlation. Thanks for the update!

      • We used the product mid-day on Saturday and both dogs were completely lethargic Saturday night. Maggie woke up in a pool of pee Sunday morning and was walking extremely slowly and uncoordinated – she’s normally zooming around in the AM. Google Revolution side effects, or Frontline side effects, it’s scary.

      • Wow! I am so torn with medication, I know that without it Melvin is an itchy, bloody mess but every pill or topical treatment I give him I wonder if the trade off is balanced. I’m so happy you figured out what was causing it so you could stop!

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