Me and my shadow.

Melvin loves men.  I don’t fully understand it but nine times out of ten he will b-line for a man over a woman.  I’m pretty sure he’d even opt for a male stranger over a female that he knows.  Don’t get me wrong, if there are only women around, he’ll b-line them instead.

I am of course the exception to this. Even if the world was full of only men and me (a girl can dream!), I know that Melvin would continue through this life, by my side.  And when I say ‘by my side’, I mean it.  He is rarely more than a foot away from me.  The only time he seems to part from me is for food, to bark at the UPS man or when forced (dog bed versus big bed).  In fact, if I can’t see him, I can assure you he is up to no good.

Here he is cutting off air supply to lay on my feet, under the desk.

Doing a modified back bend to lay near me.


8 thoughts on “Me and my shadow.

  1. Oh Melvin is so sweet. I miss my Velcro dog. I can’t tell you how much your Melvin looks like my old Beau and it sounds like he has all the same best qualities, too.

    I love all his pretty collars. (Tell him I said handsome if he doesn’t like “pretty”. 😉

  2. Oh Melvin, my pups would be jealous of your Sirius collection! This sounds exactly like Cooper, he is right next to me, at all times. He loves his foster dad, but he LOVES his foster mom! (no complaints here!)

    • I know, I secretly say ‘ha, ha’ to everyone who tries to lure him away! He knows where the true love is. Cooper is going to make someone a very sweet shadow!

      • Darn right he is….that’s how we’ll recognize his Furevers when we find them, they’ll be the ones who Cooper is drawn to, even more than me! 🙂

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