Yay freedom!

I am living proof that you can love freedom and yet hate fireworks.  Freedom, great!  Fireworks, yikes!.  Many of the blogs I read talk about how to protect your animal from the torture of fireworks. I read and nod, knowing that I will do all those things for Melvin simply by doing them for myself.

I am inside my house every 4th of July by 8pm.  All TVs are turned on to create a noise barrier from within.  Fans and noise machines, check-check.  My power bill on July 4th probably pays out bonuses for the year. Melvin does not react to the big firework display booms, although those are the ones I despise the most.  He is more alarmed by the street variety kind that go ‘crackety, crackle, crack, crack, kaboom, fizzle, fizzle, crack’.  The ones that make me look out the window to take note on who is doing it, so I can seek revenge later (Shane, Ginny and Zach…).

Again, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE freedom!  Especially the freedom to hate all things that go boom!

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