She says we are really blessed.  Some crazy storm blew through here last week and left gazzilions without power.  I’m not sure what that means but apparently no power equals being hot and having to throw out all the food.  Those are my levels in hell.   Some still don’t have the cool machine blowing yet.  The only thing that happened at our house was that a tree She planted fell over.  She laughed when she saw it and said, based on her planting ability, a sneeze could have toppled it.

Luckily, our house stays pretty cool.  She put a fan in the bedroom and I was scared of unsure about it at first. Normally I don’t like blowing in my face and when it hit me , my ears would flinch and I’d get up and move.  Apparently it aussie lates (it’s from down under?), so no  matter where I move, it blows on me.  I spent the first few days in the bathroom, luckily the fan can’t walk.

But now, I sort of like it. A lot. In fact, the fan and I may be dating.  I carefully position myself (sometimes it takes a few minutes) so that it is blowing on all my parts, at all times. I guess it’s a pretty one-sided relationship, although as you can see,  I am staring at it really lovingly.

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  1. I love your “aussie lates” – then again, I’m from a slightly different Down Under (sunny South Africa that is) – close enough I guess. I’ll be following now with anticipation. Thanks for a great blog (and, even more importantly, for rescuing an animal in need)

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